Mathematical Biology has become the fastest growing multidisciplinary research field in the scientific world. However, the scenario is different in India. Hardly four/five Universities/Institutions offer courses on Biomathematics and only a handful researcher are involved in active research in this particular field. The Department of Mathematics of Jadavpur University introduced Mathematical Biology as a special paper in M.Sc. curriculum for the first time in India in 1975. To strengthen and sustain the activities in this field, Jadavpur University established "Center for Mathematical Biology and Ecology (CMBE)" in 1997 in the Department of Mathematics. After taking the charge of the CMBE in 2008, I expressed my desire to form an academic society in Biomathematics to my friend and colleague Dr. P. K. Roy. We then discussed the issue with Prof. J. Chattopadhyay of ISI, Kolkata and my other colleagues of CMBE. All of them showed keen interest regarding the formation of a nonprofit academic society for the promotion of research activities in Biomathematics and I convened a meeting in this regard on 10th December 2008 at the Department of Mathematics, Jadavpur University.

Twelve academicians from different universities/institutions were present and the meeting was presided over by Prof. J. Chattopadhyay. The members unanimously resolved that a Society named as "Indian Society for Mathematical Biology (ISMB)" would be formed and its registered office would be Department of Mathematics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata-700032, West Bengal, India. The Executive Body with the following members was formed:

Next meeting of the ISMB was held on 20.02.2009. All members of the meeting opined for the registration of the society as early as possible. After getting the No Objection Certificate from the Jadavur University, we submitted all necessary papers to the Society Registration Office for the registration of our society. After few days, we came to know that the Registry Officer has rejected our application and directed to change the name of the Society. According to Society Registration Act, the adjective 'Indian' cannot be written at the beginning of the name of any society without prior permission from the Govt. of India. An emergency Executive Council meeting was convened on 17th June, 2009. It was unanimously decided to rename the society as "BIOMATHEMATICAL SOCIETY OF INDIA (BMSI)" instead of "Indian Society for Mathematical Biology". We resubmit all the papers to Society Registration Office after receiving the No Objection Certificate from the Jadavpur University. After a long struggle, we were able to register our Society under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act 1961. 7th September 2009 was a memorable day for all of us as our Society received registration number on that very day and our dream came partially true.