Volume 1

Issue 1

1. On stability of discrete-time predator-prey systems subject to Allee effects

2. Dynamic behavior of a predator-prey-parasite model with nonlinear incidence rate

3. Optimal Control on Temperature to Maximize Biodiesel Production from Jatropha Curcas Oil: A Mathematical Approach

4. The role of space in marine plankton ecosystem in presence of toxin producing phytoplankton

5. Disease Control Through Harvesting - Conclusion drawn from a mathematical study of a Predator-Prey model with disease in both the population

6. Sustainability of a stage-structured exploited prey-predator system

Volume 2

Issue 1

1. Modelling the impact of treatment on tuberculosis transmission dynamics

2. Dynamics of a three species modified Leslie-Gower food-web system with switching predator

3. A two-prey – diseased predator ecosystem

4. Fundamentals of Nanofluids: Evolution, Applications and New Theory

Issue 2

1. Comparative studies of proteomes from extremophiles: Elucidation of trends of thermal adaptation

2. Local and Global Sensitivity Analysis of a Nutrients-Phytoplankton-OystersMathematicalModel of a Bay Ecosystem

3. Control of Infectious Diseases through Vaccination and Treatment

Volume 3

Issue 1 (Special Issue: Proceedings of 4th INDIA BIODIVERSITY MEET 2016, October 24- 27)

1. Crop diversification - a way for sustainable agriculture and ecological balance in post-green revolution era

2. Functional annotation and network analysis of predicted miRNA targets in leguminous plant Glycine max

3. Water Harvesting, Land and Water Use Planning Towards Sustainable Agriculture in Water Scarce-Poverty Struck Western Districts of West Bengal

4. Extracting Cancer speciļ¬c reactions using Cancer Metabolic Networks