Volume 1

Issue 1

1. On stability of discrete-time predator-prey systems subject to Allee effects

2. Dynamic behavior of a predator-prey-parasite model with nonlinear incidence rate

3. Optimal Control on Temperature to Maximize Biodiesel Production from Jatropha Curcas Oil: A Mathematical Approach

4. The role of space in marine plankton ecosystem in presence of toxin producing phytoplankton

5. Disease Control Through Harvesting - Conclusion drawn from a mathematical study of a Predator-Prey model with disease in both the population

6. Sustainability of a stage-structured exploited prey-predator system

Volume 2

Issue 1

1. Modelling the impact of treatment on tuberculosis transmission dynamics

2. Dynamics of a three species modified Leslie-Gower food-web system with switching predator

3. A two-prey – diseased predator ecosystem

4. Fundamentals of Nanofluids: Evolution, Applications and New Theory

5. Pseudo almost periodic solutions for a Nicholson’s blowflies model with mortality term

Issue 2

1. Comparative studies of proteomes from extremophiles: Elucidation of trends of thermal adaptation

2. Local and Global Sensitivity Analysis of a Nutrients-Phytoplankton-OystersMathematicalModel of a Bay Ecosystem

3. Control of Infectious Diseases through Vaccination and Treatment